factory location

Production facility in Gardno

The Production Plant of Invento Ltd Company is located in the Special
Economic Zone in Gardno. In the area of 10 thousand sqm Invento Ltd. has its own facility, including production and warehouse hall with a total
area of over 3 thousand sqm with full infrastructure supporting.

Factory is designed for 24/7 operations. Pallet units with finished goods, used by the company,
are applicable to truck and container transport.

Wentworth Tech, USA

The Sheboygan production facility is located in central US near major highways and rail systems for efficient transport to all other regions in North America.

The factory is equipped in blow moulding machine with current production capacity of 75 million cans annually. The facility is designed for rapid future increase in production capacity up to 150 million PET cans annually.

Esterform, UK

Gardno, Polska

The location of the facility allows to utilize excellent road infrastructure and the nearby seaport for transport.
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modern production lines

Production capacity of the plant

The plant produces innovative PET cans, protected by law and patented in over
100 countries. The installed production lines are fully automated and controlled by
an advanced manufacturing process and quality control system.

Its equipment allows the production of beverages – flavored waters, juices, energy drinks,
vitamin, saturated with CO2 and others.

The production lines park includes two high efficient lines for PET cans
and two high advanced lines for beverages production – both in cold
technology and hot filling technology.

The beverage production is based on pasteurisation process, including flow technique and with
the use of the pasteurisation tunnel.

  • Products can be labeled with
    the shrink label and sensitive
    pressure label.
  • The plant has a capacity
    of producing 160 million
    empty cans annually.
  • The plant has a capacity
    of outputting 100 million
    filled drinks annually.

The development plans for the plant are expecting an expansion in the production facilities and the construction of administrative and office facilities.