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Pet Can Tech produces packaging of different sizes, shapes and capacities.
We offer 10 completely different cans.

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  • FoodCare

    FoodCare is one of the leading beverage manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. Among many products in FoodCare’s we are proud to cooperate on:
    FRUGO – One of the most popular drink in Poland, based on fruit juice filled in Hot Filling technology.
    Fitella Ice Tea – The first ever pure and natural Ice Tea in PET can, filled in Hot Filling technology.

    OSHEE is a brand for active people. Among them are people who go in for various sports, either as a hobby or professionally, as well as all those who follow current trends in life. OSHEE is the market leader in functional beverages in Poland, as well as the official sponsor of Polish national team in football.
  • Hortex

    Hortex Bubbles is the newest product in wide range of products offered by one of the leading beverage manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. The newest line - Bubbles has appeared on the market in four different flavors: Apple – Rhubarb, Grape – Elderberry, Lemon – Lime, Apple – Mint.
  • Sady Wincenta

    Polish NFC juices producer with long tradition in fruit-growing. Sady Wincenta can by called the synonym of quality as they are awarded with many prizes as „Laur Konsumenta” or „Teraz Polska”.
  • Royal Apple

    Royal Apple has been in ongoing operations on the market for the past 20 year, constantly expanding it’s activities in new sectors. Since 2011 company has been dealing with production of 100% natural unclarified Royal apple juice which is squeezed exclusively from heathy apples with an addition of other fruits and vegetables.
  • AKVO

    AKVO is a producer of highly refreshing light sparkling flavored water with natural aromas and fruit extracts rich in vitamins. Low calorie product without preservatives is an ideal product for those who value a healthy lifestyle.
  • Mazuraqua

    Mazuraqua is a polish producer of natural spring and mineral water. Water is extracted from Morena intake located in the area of the Ilowo-Osada community at the Warmia – Mazurian District.
  • MD Nutrition

    MD Nutrition is a team of people whose main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction with purchases in their online store. With MD Nutrition the customer is the most important, and therefore the products offered are of the highest quality at the best possible price. Company works with manufacturers and wholesalers around the world, so that the range of products offered was top-notch and so that customers have access to the most effective and latest supplements on the market.
  • ARGE

    Arge is a big, stable but flexible Company operating on oil market for more than 25 years. Thanks to the well-developed chain of stations with shops ARGE offers high quality beverages being able to offer competitive prices.
  • VIBE

    Enjoy Vibe is a company offering healthy and natural product. Actually offers 2 lines of products: Vibe Chill and Vitamin Water Vibe. All the products in Vibe’s offer are ideal for people who value a healthy lifestyle.
  • Premium Rosa

    Premium Rosa produces mainly 100% natural unclarified juices squeezed from fresh fruits and medicinal plants, plant extracts with high content of vitamins, functional products of strengthened effect coming from the addition of herbs, as well as fruit juices and syrups that improve health.
  • So Crazy

    Refreshing sparkling flavored water offered in 4 different flavors: apple, melon, cherry, peach.
  • Eponas

    Eponas is a serbian producer of Elderblossom refreshing sparkling drink.

    Oshee Fight product line created for the fans of KSW by the competitors of this discipline. Isotonic drink with a formula that is a perfect match for people who train combat sports, amateur and professional. This line of beverages doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial aromas and coloring.
  • Performix

    Performix is a manufacturer of supplements that are created using modern technologies so their effectiveness is on the highest level. ISO and RTD drinks can be used during every stage of a workout. It energizes and improves muscle regeneration.
  • Monster Hydro

    A new product by Monster is a mixture of refreshment and interesting taste. Lightly sweetened, the non-sparkling drink is dedicated to everyone who needs the additional dose of energy.