technological elements

Protected patent preform

Innovative technological PET can elements consist of: preform, pallet transport
and mounting a preform in blow moulding machine.

Protected international patent preform with a thin, flexible flange formed by injection moulding.

Wall of the preform

Preform ring

  • Do you know that...

    Seaming of can is able to withstand the internal pressure up to

    7 bar
The patented PET Can technology developed by Invento,
is a breakthrough combining the best characteristics of PET bottles
and Aluminium Cans.

The technology is designed for in-plant manufacture, using the ‘two-step cold pre form.

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Perfect combination of materials

The pre forms are produced by injection moulding, the ready, cooled pre forms are subsequently
packed on special designed and patented ‘pre form pallets’ protecting the pre forms during
transport and subsequent storage.

The ‘pre form pallets’ are loaded into specially designed fully automatic
blow moulding machines, that transfer the pre form directly from
the pallets onto specially patented pre form holders,
which then carry the pre forms throughout the entire heating process.

Capacity of blow moulding, is 10,000 PET cans per hour.